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Photo of Custom Pectus Brace Dynamic Chest Compressor
Advanced Orthodynamics Design: Custom Dynamic Chest Compressor (DCC) for use in treating Pectus Deformities.

Pectus Deformity Bracing

Pectus Deformity Treatment

Advanced Orthodynamics works with Dr. Paul Missiuna in treatment of children with pectus deformities. Patients have come from Canada, the U.S. and abroad to seek the medical advice of Dr. Missiuna and the bracing expertise of Orthotist Eric Bapty.

Dr. Paul Missiuna has been treating children with pectus deformities based on the work done by Dr. Sydney A. Haje M.D. and Dr. J. Richard Bowen M.D., at the Fundacao Hospitalar do Distrito Federal, Brasilia, Brazil and the Aflred I. DuPont Institute, Wilmington, Delaware respectively.

Orthotic Treatment

An orthosis called the dynamic chest compressor (DCC) was reported by Haje and Raymundo in 1979 to have good results treating pectus deformities. We have modified the design at Advanced Orthodynamics to make the device more attractive to the North American teenager by making the device as light and inconspicuous as possible -- allowing the teen or child to even wear the brace under a loose fitting T-shirt.

Clinical Research and Papers

Visitors to this website may be interested in the ground-breaking work of Dr. Syndey A. Haje M.D. and Dr. J. Richard Bowen M.D. as presented in the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics -- Preliminary Results of Orthotic Treatment of Pectus Deformities in Children and Adolescents [Sydney A. Haje, M.D. and J. Richard Bowen M.D.] 1992 Raven Press Ltd., New York.

Summary: Fifty-five children and adolescents with different types of pectus deformities and a minimum follow-up of 1 year were assessed to determine the effectiveness of nonoperative treatment with a dynamic chest compressor orthosis. Thirty-seven patients were treated and compared with 18 untreated patients. The treated patients had a better outcome. Reshaping of the contour of the chest wall was observed in 21 patients with inferior and lateral types of pectus carinatum. The dynamic chest compressor has minimal morbidity and is a valuable treatment option of pectus deformities in the growing period.

For more information on our treatment of pectus deformities or for information on clinical studies, please contact us.


Exclusive DCC Design

Advance Orthodynamics has developed a modified design of the Dynamic Chest Compressor. Our light-weight and compact DCC design allows the client to wear the brace under loose clothing.

The unobtrusive design is more attractive to the style-aware teen and allows the wearer to participate more fully and with less self-consciousness.

Key Words: Chest wall deformities, Pectus carinatum, Non-operative treatment, Orthotic treatment, Pectus excavatum.